Truly Terracotta!

Terracotta, in its truest form, is almost as old as human civilization itself. This unique art, created out of refined clay, has kept us mesmerized for ages.

At More Bangla, we have found a way to modernize this art form, just for you. Our quest to put our own spin on Terracotta has taken us to the almost forgotten villages and towns
that line the Eastern belt of India.

We are proud to bring to you our custom-built, one-of-a-kind, product line that encompasses the ‘earthiness’ that makes it truly Terracotta!

This art form has existed through the generations and still holds a certain freshness that allows More Bangla to do something absolutely new with it.

Are you ready to rediscover Terracotta all over again?

Our products are now available at all leading ecommerce sites in India.

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