Dazzling Dokra!

Dokra’s story has lasted almost 4000 years, and we hope to take it on for many more. This ancient metal casting technique has found its place through the ages, and now we bring this form to you in our unique product lines.

Dokra is an integral part of West Bengal’s history. This art form has seen many eras, right from the early times in Bengal, through the British raj period and now in the 21st century. Dokra has always found a way to adapt to the times and stay relevant.

This metal casting technique is a unique art form that needs skills, an eye for design and a vivid imagination. More Bangla aims to revive this age-old art form to give it a modern twist, like never before. Explore our exquisite Dokra designs that have been handpicked and created just for the customers of More Bangla.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the midst of our most enchanting Dokra designs?

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