About More Bangla

More Bangla is committed to bringing you the hidden treasures of handicrafts that have existed for ages within the Eastern belt of India. This area has a unique legacy that combines its colonial history with a more ethnic fabric, which is easily associated with a country like India.

We are committed to exploring and uncovering these legacies to tell a story that is rich
in culture and heritage.

More Bangla was conceptualized on the philosophy of discovering our heritage all over again in an ever-changing world! And this mission will not be complete without your participation.

We gladly invite you on this journey of discovery. Welcome aboard!

More Bangla Values

More Bangla is firmly established on the following values that act as a guiding principle in every decision we make.

The More Bangla Promise

At More Bangla all our products are sourced in accordance with the law of the land. We support the artisans of the craft while keeping with our promise of bringing a whole new array of products for our esteemed customers. We take the More Bangla brand’s reputation very seriously and will always work towards improving our products and service lines.